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Emerge of CloudKnight brings forth the cloud-based products & services to a wiser decision making possible, and yet fulfil the current IT needs at the most manageable cost i.e. OPEX.  One of the most strategical products & services is our CloudKnight Email Solutioning, to address the biggest business operation challenges that many enterprise users are experiencing right now as cloud computing being widely acceptable in a fast pace manner.

CloudKnight’s strategical products & services are leveraging on the most current cloud computing technology with high security infrastructure to maintain data integrality and manageability with the least possible security breach. CloudKnight is here ready to assist all enterprise customers whose direction is moving from on-prem to off-prem infra (Cloud) with no security compromised.

CloudKnight is first right focusing in delivery of clean & safe enterprise email solutioning i.e. CloudKnight Enterprise Email brings forth the enterprise from SME to large organization as their clean & safe business communication means with peace of mind of security management and services availability.

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Emerge of CloudKnight Security brings forth the cloud-based products & services with high security assurance to wiser decision making, and yet fulfil current IT needs at the most affordable and manageable cost i.e. your OPEX.

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